“I’m so glad to have found YPW’s Spanish Immersion Preschool for my daughter. She greatly enjoys being in this class because it’s engaging and fun. Instructions are presented in a clear and concrete way with lots of hands-on opportunities for her to explore new concepts through art, music, reading and dance/movement. The class ratio is also small with lots of individual attention. I have COMPLETE confidence leaving my child here with the staff at YPW. The Spanish instructor and director do go out of their way to ensure that my daughter is comfortable and feel safe in class. Both are also kind, positive, and genuinely interested in the well being and learning of my child. That says a whole lot about their commitment and devotion to children providing a nurturing learning environment that’s conclusive to learning and one that students can actively thrive in. There are also open communications here. The staff are receptive to feedback and do take parent’s concerns into considerations. Parents are updated weekly about what their child is learning in class with weekly lesson plan handouts that have clear learning objectives. Overall, I’m pleased with the Spanish program here.
Two thumbs up for YPW!”

YPW was successful in merging the hemispheres of the brain as it allowed my son to straddle both sides, while negotiating new concepts through a myriad of activities in the areas of MATH, LANGUAGE, SCIENCE and multicultural studies.
More bang for the buck, we have seen tremendous strides!”


“We love the YPW Spanish Immersion Preschool program. It is fun, engaging and creative and it is a very loving and caring environment! Our son wakes up each day and asks if it is a school day. As a result of the program, he loves Spanish and is picking up vocabulary and the language very well. We couldn’t be happier with our entire experience at YPW. It is everything and excellent preschool should be and the fact that everything is in Spanish is the icing of the cake!”

” ……… Since enrolling our first child at YPW, we have found the staff to be attentive, diligent, creative, and very hard working with the children. Our son’s both continue to demonstrate a higher level of social skills and academic achievement relative to their peers.”

“As a working mom, I have peace of mind knowing that my child is so happy and safe at YPW Spanish Immersion Preschool. When she wakes up in the mornings, she is so excited to go to school to play with her friends and see all the wonderful teachers. I am thrilled with the special curriculum and all of the learning that takes place at this school. All I can say is thank you so much for taking such great care of my most precious thing in my world, my daughter. YPW is the next best place to home.”

“Teachers are informative and always care for the children, plenty of activities for the children but also they let the kids be kids.”

“Every morning, my oldest son wakes up and says, ‘Is it a school day today, Mom?’ When I tell him it is he really gets excited and tells me about the things he plans to do with his friends and teachers.”

“It never ceases to amaze me how much Spanish my 4 year old has learned and how much she will be very prepared to enter Kindergarten in the fall. I am grateful for all of the changes that have taken place over the past 2 years and highly recommend YPW Spanish Immersion Preschool to anyone!”

“The YPW teachers are truly professional. They are well educated and take preschool education seriously. The school is very clean and cleverly decorated. The class sizes are small and the teachers care for the children with lots of love. My daughter is not bilingual and I have high expectations that she will be close if not fluent in Spanish by the end of the year.”

“YPW Spanish Immersion Preschool is my daughter’s FIRST school…she loves going to school! She is constantly amazing us with the Spanish that she speaks & understands! She now listens or judges whether or not a stranger speaks Spanish or not…then will address them in Spanish! I wish that all of MY school experiences had been as loving, tender & culturally educational & pertinent as the program that YPW & fabulous teachers provide (seemingly tirelessly)!!”

“My daughter has been enjoying YPW since she was almost three years old. She wanted to go to school like her older sister, so I knew she was ready. The YPW teachers are very loving and are all pre-school certified to teach, and provide many learning opportunities for the children. The children are so busy playing that they do not realize that they are learning math, science, art, or just how to be social around other children. YPW provides a curriculum that is geared for each age level. They are always doing cooking and art projects, or marching around the school in a parade with music, or celebrating with a class party. My daughter loves the special workshops, such as building simple machines using LEGO or creating science and math art master pieces. She is learning Spanish, along with the regular Pre-K curriculum, and I feel that is a true privilege. I tell everyone I know to send their children to this wonderful learning environment!”

“My son has truly enjoyed his pre-school experience at YPW. The program offers age appropriate games and songs that make learning Spanish easy and natural. The teachers and staff are true gems who are able to share their native language in a caring and nurturing environment. The class themes and projects are especially exciting for my son. He has taken home a multitude of “master pieces”! We have been so fortunate to be a part of this amazing program!”

“My son began classes with YPW when he was about to turn 4. I had never left him with anyone else – not even a babysitter! He instantly bonded with all of his teachers and felt right at home. I love it when he speaks Spanish outside of school. It is always the positive is that is looked at, and he is always given a lot of praise. I tell all my friends and people that I meet about the awesome school my son attend! The other children in his class are all happy and smiling! One of the teachers even scratches my son’s head and back to help him take his nap. I know you can’t get that kind of love & affection from other schools.”

“My daughter has really blossomed. She really wanted to learn and would come home practicing her Spanish in the car. She also improved her fine motor skills and ended the year writing all her friends names.”