Infants 6 Weeks – 18 mo



A young brain forms neural connections with each new language it learns.
Infants respond to the various tones and pitches of voices and music to create an emotional connection between themselves and their new world.

Cradled in an environment of love and enrichment at YPW, your baby will be exposed to stimulating Spanish nursery rhymes and gentle, flowing music from a variety of Latin cultures.

Nurturing interaction is continued in Spanish throughout the day to enhance your baby’s natural development. Your new wonder will experience the continuity of caring adults conversing meaningfully, one-on-one interaction that is emotionally fulfilling, and the total comfort that only dedicated caretakers can impart.

By blanketing your baby in the Spanish language and culture you are giving your son or daughter the gift of a very natural, almost instinctive, understanding of the Latin culture and the very best foundation upon which to build their lifetime of multi-cultural appreciation.

It’s not just quality care, it’s an inspired beginning.


  • Daily exercises and activities designed to stimulate and strengthen physical development
  • Sign language to maximize communication skills
  • Weekly lesson plans and daily reports to keep you informed of your child’s development
  • A nurturing place with focus on love and trust