YPW 2015 Spanish Day Camp

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Why Should You Send Your Child to YPW Spanish Immersion Camp?

1. Perfect balance of education, creativity and fun
2. Campers can register for one week—or for the entire summer session!
3. YPW staff can design a customized full summer camp for your child, ensuring a rich and diverse experience.
4. Professional staff provides an engaging, nurturing and energetic environment.
5. Spanish Day Camp offers a full immersion experience—everything is in Spanish! (No prior language experience necessary.)
6. Children who learn a second language typically have better problem solving abilities, better reasoning skills, and are more creative.
7. Small camp sizes limited to 12-18 children per group ensure individualized attention.
8. Discounts for registering multiple children and for multiple sessions!
9. Games, songs, relay races, art projects, hands-on learning, field trips and more!
10. We have a camp for every child! Over 28 to choose from including art, biology, chemistry, geology, robotics, Spanish, technology, physics, language arts and math.

Click either at the June or July calendar links to learn about all the fun activities and field trips we are planning for you! … and all of this while learning Spanish!

June Activities & Field Trips Calendar
July Activities & Field Trips Calendar

Activities – We have new activities and projects for returning campers! -

YPW Spanish WorkshopSpanish Workshop: The heartbeat of YPW Spanish Day Camp. Fun, play based Spanish Language classes to learn new Spanish vocabulary & Phrases. Campers learn Spanish through storytelling, games, songs, and activities related to their own experiences. The daily Spanish workshops are designed to gradually enable students to attain proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Young people will be fully exposed to the Spanish language and benefit from learning in this “Spanish-only” environment. Those new vocabularies / phrases are reinforced throughout the day’s activities.

culturalStation Cultural Station: We want your campers to not only be bilingual but also bicultural! To us culture is a major and inseparable Component of “knowing” a language. Campers learn about food, music, arts, and social habits of various Latin American countries.


Univision Field Trips: We have selected fun, educational and enriching field trips to complement our Summer Spanish curriculum and activities. We may visit places such as:
Mexican Restaurant, Mexican Bakery, Latin Supermarket, Latin TV News Station, Austin Zoo, Texas Capitol, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin Science & Nature Center, Mexican-American Cultural Center

OutdoorsTeam Activities & Games: Jump! Run! Bounce! Splash! YPW Spanish Immersion Day Camp activities are much more than an amusement park of fun and adventure. We play with purpose! No two years are the same for our campers. Each year campers experience age-relevant elements of teamwork, cooperation and communication. From Tug-o-War , Red Light Green Light, Duck Duck Goose to navigating your way through the Obstacle Course for our oldest campers, your child is sure to walk away with new found knowledge and growth at the same he / she is learning or practicing Spanish with us!

BanzaiBanzai Water Slide: Watch out for our Banzai Water Slide! Your camper will make his way up the climbing wall and slingshot down the water slide for a wet and wild ride.





CookingCooking: Our YPW Spanish Immersion Campers participate in our “YPW Creative Kitchen”. Campers whip up age-appropriate recipes with the instructors’ help while learning / practicing Spanish vocabulary and phrases along the way (dishes may include Rainbow Rice and Pattern Parfaits). Some sessions take their inspiration from popular books like Stone Soup. At the end of workshop everyone feasts on the tasty final product.


science9Technology & Science: From robotics using LEGO MINDSTORMS to various Science experiments. Your young people will learn / practice Spanish as they are engaged in some of our most popular science and technology activities from our YPW Science & Technology camps.




ArtAndCraftsArt and Crafts: It’s a creation party as you have the opportunity to work with clay, tie dying, fabric painting; make necklaces, birdhouses, or just about anything else your mind can come up with. Have fun and let your imaginations run wild as you learn new Spanish vocabulary / phrases or practice some old ones!




NEW This Year! Theme Days

Each week YPW camps transforms into a crazy theme-based day. It’s a great way to start off the day! From a military battle field to a county fair, our theme-based days (you might call it a party) take campers to an exciting world that few get to experience. Each week has its own unique theme days and inventive elements where campers play games, dress in costumes and have the time of their lives in a world that is new and exciting. They may find themselves at a Hawaiian Luau or shipwrecked with Pirates … but whatever it is they are in for an exhilarating morning at YPW Spanish Day Camp.
We encourage campers to dress up for each theme; however, it is not necessary for them to enjoy the experience.

YPW Camps Theme DaysPirates of the Caribbean

Avast, me hearties! … So you want to learn to talk like a Pirate? Savvy? Here are some advances of the “pirate things” you’ll learn in this day:
Ahoy! = Hola!
Aye! = Si!
Feed the fish = Pronto a morir
Old Salt = Marinero con experiencia
Savvy? = Entiendes?


Indiana Jones Adventure

Walk in the footsteps of beloved film hero Indiana Jones as you embark in an exploration of ancient times and civilizations through artifacts, fossils, and more.




HarryPotterHarry Potter with Magic Potions

You have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! In this day, you’ll get sorted, join our Hogwarts Dueling Club, and work toward the Hogwarts House Cup! Come explore Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, and Potions and learn how they connect to our Muggle world!


Gold Rush

Yeeee Haaaaa! There’s GOLD in them there hills …! Come all ready to find your treasure while panning for gold!



Space Adventure

Your camper will be launched into a galaxy of fun while experimenting with rocket launching “camper made” geysers and various science experiments!


Detective Mystery

Come dress up as you favorite detective and figure out the science of forensics in a hands-on look at a crime scene!



Hawaiian Luau

Come and enjoy our “tropical” snacks, luau music, Polynesian Dancing … and the limbo, of course!




Yee-Haaa! Cowboys, Indians, Ranches, Horses, Cows, Trails, and good old ‘Grub’ is what we think of when planning a ‘Wild West’ Theme!




Medieval Times

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Let it be known that on this day we are expecting all knights, kings, queens, princesses, princes and even jesters to join us in this regal day full of medieval like activities!



Big Apple Circus

Feel the circus magic as you practice your Spanish vocabulary and phrases



Summer Olympics

Join us this day as we begin our Olympics by lighting the torch … With a few sugar cones and some vanilla ice cream, we’re all set to get started.


Best of the Summer

Enjoy the more popular activities from our current
YPW Summer Theme Days


YPW Camp Staff

Our Camp instructors are dedicated, local, commuting professionals from many fields providing a wealth of diverse learning experiences throughout the program. YPW seeks to hire instructors who have expertise in the topic of the course as well as experience in working with talented students. The typical YPW instructor is a local professional teacher from public and independent elementary and secondary schools. We place a high standard on whom we hire for our summer staff counselors position.

Sample Camp Schedule

7:00 – 9:00 Before Camp Care. Included in Camp Fee.
Children are supervised as they play games or watch a movie. Campers are escorted to their camp room at 9:00 am.
8:50 Drop-Off
Welcome to YPW Camps. We ask you that you sign-in your camper every day.
9:00 – Spanish Workshop
Morning sessions begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. Please bring your child no later than 8:50 a.m.
9:50 – Cultural Station
10:20 – Activity Class #3
11:00 – Activity Class #4
12:00 – Lunch / Free Time
Pack up a yummy lunch and bring it with you each day. Enjoy this time getting to know your camp mates!
1:00 – Spanish Workshop
1:50 – Cultural Station
2:20 – Snack
Take a bite out of life! We’ll provide you with a delicious & healthy snack so you can enjoy some down time and fuel up to get ready for the rest of the day. If you have allergies, please note these on your health form when you register. We do our best to accommodate food allergies for each of our campers.
2:30 Activity Class #7
3:10 Activity Class #8
4:00 Pick – Up
Please have your ID ready so that we can ensure your child is sent home only with those you have authorized for pick-up.
4:00 – 6:00 pm After Camp Care. Included in Camp Fee.
Campers are escorted to the after camp classroom at the end of the camp day. Campers are supervised as they play games or do craft activities in the classrooms. A snack is provided in the afternoon. Campers must be picked up by 6:00 pm., after which an extra charge of $1.00 per minute will be applied.


YPW Spanish Immersion Day Camp is committed to your child’s well-being. Our summer and year-round staff is carefully screened, trained, and dedicated to a high level of safety in all activities. Our facilities and outdoor equipment are tested, maintained, and certified. All of our instructors are First Aid & CPR certified and we do check for their criminal background.

Parental Pickup:
To ensure your child’s safety, only the camper’s parent/guardian may pick him/her up at the end of camp or for an early departure. If you desire a friend or relative to give your child a ride, their names must be written on the Pick-Up Authorization Form on Monday morning. A photo ID is required to pick up your child or someone else’s child. We will not release your child to someone unless their name is on the form or we can get a hold of you to confirm they can leave with that person.


Campers bring a healthy lunch and bottle of water every day. Healthy morning and afternoon snacks are supplied.

Spring Break Dates & Pricing
Week 1 March 16 – 20 $275 + Registration & Material Fee
Before and After camp care included in price
Spring Break Registration & Material Fee
Refundable Registration & Material Fee
$45 per camper for Spring and All Summer Camp season
Summer Camps Dates & Pricing
Week 1 to Week 12 From June 1 – 5
August 17 – 21
$275 (per week per camper) + Registration & Material Fee
Before and After camp care included in price
Summer Registration & Material Fee => Non-Refundable Registration & Material fee $45 per camper for Spring Break and all Summer camp season


Please note that a camp is half day unless noted otherwise.
You’ll have to select a morning and afternoon
camp to make it a full day camp.
For full day camp rates see next section.
One Camp/One Child $221 per camp
Please note, the Spanish Day Camp includes before and after camp care.
For all the other YPW full day camps, the before and after camp care is extra.
YPW Spanish Day Camp: Before and After Camp Care included in price,For more information visit:
YPW Spanish Day Camp
From 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
(It does not include registration/material fee)Please note the 1/2 day camp is still available.
See previous section for rates.
$275 per week
Full Day CampYPW Camps -
-Includes Morning and Afternoon Camp Session.
From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
(It does not include registration/material fee & before and/or after camp care)
$275 per week
Before Camp Care  from 7:00
am to 9:00 am Monday – Friday. Campers are supervised as they play games or watch a movie.
Campers are escorted to their camp room at 9:00 am.
$30 per week
After Camp Care from 4:00 pm
to 6:00 pm Monday – Friday. Campers are escorted to the after camp classroom at the end of the camp day. Campers are supervised as they play games or do craft activities in the classrooms. A snack is provided in the afternoon. Campers must be picked up by 6:00 pm., after which an extra charge of $1.00 per minute will be applied.
$30 per week
Spring & Summer Registration & Material Fee =>
One Camp
Non-Refundable Registration & Material fee
$45 per child for all Summer season and Spring break


Promotion Details
Save $30 per camp Early Bird Special Save $30 per camp when
you register by March 31
Cannot be combined with another discount.
$20 YPW Rebate Refer-A-Friend Receive $20 YPW Gift Certificate for each new camper you refer to YPW and registers
for any of our summer camps.
Gift Certificate can only be used for our summer
camps and will be issue at the end of the current summer session with a
expiration date of one year from issue date.
1 Week Free June & July 1 Week Free. Pay only
for 8 weeks when registering for 9 weeks of full
day camps . Savings of $275.
Cannot be combined with another discount.
1 Week Free June & July 1 Week Free. Pay only
for 8 weeks when registering for 9 weeks of 1/2 day camps.
Savings of $221.
Cannot be combined with another discount.
Payment in full is required to hold a spot.
However, a monthly payment schedule can be arranged when registering for the whole summer (June, July and August).
To reserve the camps you’ll need to pay for the first month (June) when registering, then in June 1st you’ll pay for the month of July and by July 1st you’ll pay the balance for August.
• One registration form must be completed for each camper you are registering
• Registration forms with incomplete or inaccurate information will not be processed
• If your first choice is unavailable, we will contact you for more information
• Forms may be faxed, mailed or emailed. Please do only one!
• Fax to: 512.366.9333 email to: YPWCamps@YPWKids.com
• Mail your registration forms to:
YPW Camps
3640 Bee Caves Rd
Austin TX 78746
PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the number of faxed, mailed or emailed registrations we receive, it may take up to ten days to process and e-mail a confirmation statement back to you. YPW Camps cannot confirm camps until your registration is processed.
In the event that minimum enrollments are not met, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule camps or activities / field trips. If a camp cancellation happens, your entire registration fee will be refunded.
We’ll let you know if an activity / field trip is cancelled.
Download YPW Spring Break Camp Online Catalog – PDF
Download YPW Spring Break Camp Registration Form – PDF
Download YPW Summer Camp Online Catalog – PDF
Download YPW Summer Camp Registration Form – PDF

Due to the high demand for camp spaces, each sale will be considered final.

• Registrations are not transferable from child to child.

• Registration & Material fee are Non-Refundable

• Families who cancel a camp or wish to switch their child from one camp to another will receive a 50% refund of the cost of a cancelled or dropped camp if notification is received at least 10 working days before that camp starts. There are no refunds for camps cancelled or dropped less than 10 working days before camp begins.

• In order to receive the 50% refund, families must contact YPW via email: ypwCamps@ypw.com

Camp Locations

3640 Bee Caves Rd
Austin, TX 78746
Phone 512.329.5611
Fax 512.366.9333
Email: YPWWestlake@YPWkids.com
Spicewood Springs Rd & Mesa Dr
8014 Mesa Dr
Austin, TX 78731
Phone 512.329.5611
Fax 512.366.9333
Email: YPWCentral@YPWKids.com