Toddlers 18 mo – 24 mo



As your baby grows into the toddler years his mind is like a sponge of unbelievable capacity. Your son or daughter WILL soak up information. It’s entirely up to you what information you provide for your toddler. The staff at YPW is your partner to providing the most enriching environment possible for your little sponge. Safety and cleanliness are paramount, but YPW goes beyond that to assure these young people absorb the positive feedback necessary as they learn boundaries, develop primary skills, and discover the wonders of the world around them. Your toddler will discover these wonders from a Latin culture perspective, learning words in Spanish as naturally as English and easily transitioning between the two languages. With gentle guidance and positive reinforcement they will laugh and play their way through the day as they soak up a second language, develop pride in their own accomplishments and astound you with their quick and easy accumulation of knowledge and pride. “It’s a true gift that a parent can give their child,” said one of our mothers, “To raise them bilingual. It’s an advantage that they’re going to have later in life.”


  • Daily exercises and activities designed to stimulate and strengthen physical development
  • Sign language to maximize communication skills
  • Structured lesson plans and daily reports to keep you informed of your child’s development. Including naps, toilet training and meals
  • A nurturing place with focus on love and trust
  • Hands-On projects to stimulate your toddler’s mind
  • Problem Solving activities and puzzles
  • A rich educational environment filled with science, math, language, drama, music, art and more
  • Close attention to each and every toddler to maximize personal growth