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An Inquisitive Mind + Spanish Immersion + Research-Proven Curriculum + Inspiring Teachers = Success x 4
Spanish Tutoring

“I see my son who is almost four have a full conversation in Spanish and then know somebody near him doesn’t speak Spanish and say the exact same thing again in English.”
A proud mother of one of our 4 year olds.

Our core curriculum is designed to spark and maintain children’s interest in Spanish by engaging them in creative and enjoyable cultural activities such as dancing, singing, cooking, art projects, and games.


We believe that total immersion is the best way for your young people to develop a long-lasting foundation in the Spanish language. In a total immersion program, children spent part of the day learning a second language, and all of their subjects are taught in that language. In most cases, learning a second language through immersion enhances a child’s ability in other subjects as well. Children will actually have a better grasp of their own language by learning the structure of another language. It has been shown that children who are learning a foreign language score higher on standardized tests in English.

Getting a child started in a second language program at an early age helps establish a higher level of fluency. Research studies say that children who learn a language before adolescence are more likely to develop a native-like level of pronunciation. There is also evidence that young people use the right hemisphere of their brain for language learning but less so in later years. The right hemisphere learns a language from a variety of sources – acoustic input, tactile input, emotional input, and experiential input. Thus, total immersion programs, where children actually experience a language in a meaningful, real-life context, are extremely effective.

  • Research has shown that the window of opportunity for easy language acquisition is between infancy and the age of 10.
  • A young brain forms neural connections with each new language it learns.
  • Preschool children naturally have a high level of curiosity and are much more receptive to learning about other cultures.
  • Learning another language improves communication skills in one’s own language
  • Children will develop a greater degree of creativity and heightened self-confidence.
  • Longer term, young people will perform better in all of their academic subjects, increase their scores on standardized tests such as SATs, and broaden their career opportunities.


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Preschool & Daycare: 7:00 AM (Early Drop-Off) to 6:00 PM (Late Pick Up)
After School : 2:45 PM to 6:00 PM

For each of our programs; from Infants to After School parents can pick either a
2, 3 or 5 full days.